Tech Writing and Editing


I have written and edited journal articles, conference papers, and grant proposals in education, geosciences, and transportation. I work with authors to produce manuscripts that comply with reviewer formatting and style guidelines, and that have clear, flowing, and concise text. I can also coordinate major, multi-author reports by creating staggered internal deadlines, managing and merging contributions, and editing text for uniformity.


I have written software manuals and tutorials, hardware operation and assembly manuals, and trouble-shooting guides in both print and online. I can design figures using screenshots, photographs (often my own), photo-editing software, Microsoft Visio, and SolidWorks.

508 Compliance

Federal sponsors often require reports and presentations be compliant with Section 508 to improve accessibility to those with disabilities. I work with authors to ensure that tables can be read by text-to-speech engines, that figures are meaningful to colorblind readers, and that all images are captioned. I have extensive experience working with authors’ original Microsoft Excel figures, as well as Word and Excel tables, to ensure they are 508 compliant.